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About 4 1/2 years ago (at the time of writing this) I had never had Indian food before in my life.  I grew up in a small-medium-ish sized town in South Texas.  Our cuisine was about as culturally diverse as a rally for Rick Santorum.  Needless to say, experiencing ethnic flavors consisted of trying a new sauce on chicken enchiladas. Maybe mole if it was a special occasion.  I had the 3 main Texas essentials: 1) Barbecue 2) American Food and 3) Awesome Mexican food.  I was content because that was really all I knew.

I had experienced your typical generic “Chinese Food Take Out” etc. over the years, but nothing that really “blew my mind”.  I was working in Washington D.C. on a project at the time and ended up going to dinner with a friend (who oddly enough is now my best friend that I met at the DC airport weeks before when our flight was delayed and we ended up renting a car together and driving from Houston to Austin at 3am but that’s another story for another day).  This restaurant ended up being Rasika in downtown D.C. — not too far from the White House.  I had some sort of Lobster Tail Curry with a side Garlic Naan that was absolutely life changing.

Fast forward to today.  I eat Asian food on average 5-6 days a week.  More specifically — South Asian. I am absolutely obsessed.  This journey has taken me everywhere from the streets of Tokyo to the Curry Mile in Manchester, England.  I have tried everything from Raw Eel to Phaal Curry and I feel like I have barely even scratched the surface of all there is to learn on this culinary adventure.  With every meal and introduction to new flavors, spices, styles and chefs I want to refine my palate and continue to learn not only about the cuisine but the various cultures behind the curtain.

I’m attracted to food with rich,  complex, and bold flavors.  I absolutely despise bland food.  I prefer a dish that punches you in the jaw and screams “You will notice me!”.  I want something that jumps out and grabs your attention and forces you to take notice as to its complexity and intricacies rather than a bland regeneration of the same boring hamburger with fries (oh but it’s a deconstructed gastropub hamburger ermahgerd!).  That, combined with the fact that I apparently have a ridiculous tolerance to spicy food makes this genre of cuisine absolute nirvana.

I am extremely fortunate to have a career that allows to me travel weekly —  sometimes even multiple cities in the same week. There’s some sort of amazing serenity you feel at 36,000 feet.  Something is just absolutely magical — if not romantic — about the concept of waking up in your own bed in the morning and being able to be anywhere in the world by sunset. That wanderlust combined with my passion for experiencing some of the world’s most delicious South Asian cuisine have inspired me to make this blog.  I’d like to share my experience with you of food, travel and learning from every culture I possibly can along the way.  Life is entirely too short to not experience all the world has to offer. That’s that NaanStop Life.

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